Robert d'Arbrissel. [Letter to Ermengarde of Anjou, countess of Brittany, 1109] in Lettre Inédite de Robert d'Arbrissel a la comtesse Ermengarde 209-35

[Letter from Robert d'Arbrissel to Ermengarde of Anjou, countess of Brittany ]
The countess asked to retire to Robert's monastery at Fontevrault, hoping to dissolve her marriage for consanguinity, but the church refused her request. DePetigny suggests that she may have been motivated as much by her dissatisfaction with the cruder life in Brittany compared to her native Anjou, a view Robert seems to corroborate, though he also considers her marriage incest, as he does her daughter's. When Ermengard's request to have the marriage rescinded was denied, Robert advised her to return to her husband and duties, and attempted to console her with a regime of prayer and spiritual advice which is directed at a life in the world.
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