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[Letter from Jean de Fécamp to Agnes of Poitiers, empress]
Vita: Maria Oigniacensi in Naurcensis Belgii diocecesi [The Life of Marie D'Oignies]
Vita Mariae Oigniacesis, Supplementum
Vita Lutgardis Virgine in Aquiriae Brabantia
Vita de S. Christina Mirabili Virgine [The Life of Christina Mirabilis]
Two Selections from Margaretha Ebner's Offenbarungen
Tractatus de Judiciis
The Seven Spiritual Weapons
The Rule of Donatus of Besançon
The Revelations of St. Elizabeth
The registers or act books of the bishops of Coventry and Lichfield
The Mystical Jubilus III: An example of a medieval German convent chronicle
The Mystical Jubilus II: An Example from Mechthild of Magdeburg (1207/12- ca. 1282)
The Mental Sorrows of Christ in His Passion
The Life of the Blessed Gherardesca of Pisa
The Life of Margaret of Ypres
The Life of Macrina, by Gregory Bishop of Nyssa
The Life of Blessed Juliana of Mont-Cornillon: An Introduction and Excerpts
The English Register of Godstow Nunnery, near Oxford, Written about 1450
The Enclosure of St. Clare
The Analects of St. Umiltà
The Altenburg Rule of St. Benedict: Prologue. A Middle High German Version Adapted for Nuns (1505)
Supplement to The Life of Marie d'Oignies
Statutorum Ordinis Carthusiensis
Statuta Ordinis Cisterciensis
Statuta Congregationis Cluniacensis
Statuta Candidi & Canonici Ordinis Praemonstratensis
Somme le Roi (The Garden of Virtues)
Sermon on the Birthday of the Eleven Thousand Holy Virgins
Selected Sonnets
Seconda Regula
Schreiben an die Herrn Titulträger von Hohn Schulen: Anna Owena Hoyers' Address to the Learned Clergymen
Rule of a Certain Father to the Virgins
Rental contract for a house during the period of the Fair in Bar-sur-Aube, 1275
Regulam Sanctimonialem
Regulae Ordinis Sempringensis sive Gilbertinorum Canonicorum
Regula, seu formae vel modi vivendi, Fratrum et Sororum de Militia Jesu Christi, de Paenitentia Beati Dominici
Regula Utriusque Sexus Fidelium Ordinis Minimorum St. Francisci de Paula
Regula Tertiariorum, sive Fratrum de Poenitentia
Regula Tertia
Regula Sororum Ord. Minimorum S. Francisci de Paola
Regula Secunda
Regula Sanctimonialium S. Clarae a Beato Francisco pro eisdem conscripta
Regula Sancti Salvatoris
Regula S.P.N. Augustini
Regula S.P.N. Augustini
Regula S. Petri de Honestis pro Canonicis Regularibus Ecclesiae Portuensis scripta
Regula S. Chrodogani
Regula Ordinis SSS Trinitatis seu Redemptionis Captivorum