Vox Benedictina: A Journal of Translations from Monastic Sources (Saskatoon : Peregrina Publishers, 1984-).

Vox Benedictina: A Journal of Translations from Monastic Sources
Peregrina Publishers
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Sermon on the Birthday of the Eleven Thousand Holy Virgins, Christine of Saint-Trond's Preaching Apostolate: Thomas of Cantimpré's Hagiographical Method Revisited, Syncletica of Palestine: A Sixth-Century Female Anchorite, Amma Syncletica: A Spirituality of Experience, Letter to the Editor [Max Weber's sociology of religion], Thirteenth-Century Asceticism: Marie d'Oignies and Lutgard of Aywières as Active and Passive Ascetics, The Role of the Female Sacristan prior to Trent, The Legend of Martha and Mary, A Sixteenth Century Devotional Manual for Catholic Laywomen, Margery Kempe and the Rhetoric of Laughter, Julian of Norwich: A Saint for the Nineties, The Desert Fathers on Radical Self-Honesty, Brigit of Kildare, Golden Sparkling Flame: A Study in the Liminality of Women's Spiritual Power, The Mystical Jubilus II: An Example from Mechthild of Magdeburg (1207/12- ca. 1282), In the Jaws of the Bear: Journeys of Transformation by Women Mystics, The Seal of Blessed Mary, Poems on St. Scholastica, minne du gewaltige kellerin: On the Nature of minne in Mechthild of Magdeburg's fließendes licht der gottheit, Jacques de Vitry and The Spirituality of the Mulieres Sanctae, The Transformations of Sophia, God and the Human Being in the Writings of Gertrude of Helfta, The Harlot Bride: From Biblical Code to Mystical Topos, The Iconography of St. Martha: Some Considerations, Woman and the Desert Fathers, The Life of Blessed Juliana of Mont-Cornillon: An Introduction and Excerpts, Two Selections from Margaretha Ebner's Offenbarungen, Schreiben an die Herrn Titulträger von Hohn Schulen: Anna Owena Hoyers' Address to the Learned Clergymen, Saint Macrina: The Hidden Face Behind the Tradition, Grammatica Mystica: A Study of Bede's Grammatical Curriculum, The Life of the Blessed Gherardesca of Pisa, Gender, Power and Knowledge in The Strophische Gedichten of Hadewijch, The Altenburg Rule of St. Benedict, Prologue: A Middle High German Version Adpted for Nuns (1505), Catherine of Siena and The Eschatology of Suffering, Mulieres Religiosæ in Goswin of Villers, Lorens of Orléans and The Somme le Roi or The Book of Vices and Virtues , The History of the Bar Convent, The Mystical Journey of Angela of Foligno, Pope Joan, The Story of the Blessed Mary Who Was Called Marina, The Life of Euphrosyne of Alexandria, Syncletica and Macrina: Two Early Lives of Women Saints, A Comparative Study of Three Manuscripts of the Rule of St. Benedict for Women, Jean Gerson’s Two Rules for Recluses, Women of the Middle Ages: The Mystical Jubilus III: An example of a medieval German convent chronicle, The Life of Brigit of Kildare, 'The Hidden Life of the Gentle Humble Jesus': The Visitation of Holy Mary as Ideal Women's Community., The Ordeal of Community: Hagiography and Discipline in Merovingian Convents., Holy Women and Monks in the Thirteenth Century: Friendship or Exploitation?, Mary Ward: A Woman for all Seasons, The Enclosure of Saint Clare, Unhappy Choices: Factors that Contributed to the Decline and Condemnation of the Beguines, Regula ad virgines: a Working Translation, The Life and Journal of Lutgard of Aywières: Selections from the Life by Thomas de Cantimpré, its Translation into Old French, and the Primitive Life, The Revelations of St. Elizabeth (of Töss), Cardinal Napoleone Orsini and Chiara della Croce: A Note on the Monache in Simone Martini's Passion Alterpiece, Some Questions Regarding the Beguines and Devotional Art, List of the Perfect by Hadewijch of Antwerp, Ruusbroec and the Beguines, The Spirituality of Mediaeval Holy Women, Devotional Psalters and the Study of Beguine Spirituality, A Cistercian of royal blood: Blessed Teresa of Portugal, A Fifteenth Century Revelation of a Cistercian Nun, Supplement to the Life of Marie D'Oignies, 'The Mental Sorrows of Christ in His Passion': Excerpts by Battista da Varano, 'My Spiritual Life' by Battista da Varano: Excerpts, A Lovely and Useful Instruction by Angela da Foligno