Speculum: A Journal of Medieval Studies (Cambridge, MA : Medieval Academy of America, 1926-).

Speculum: A Journal of Medieval Studies
Medieval Academy of America
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Secondary Source
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Cambridge, MA
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Available through JSTOR for Vols. 1 - 73, 1926-1998
Ekphrasis at Kildare: The Imaginative Architecture of a Seventh Century Hagiographer, This Living Hand: Thirteenth-Century Female Literacy, Materialist Immanence, and the Reader of the "Ancrene Wisse", The Family Politics of Berengar I, King of Italy (888-924), Why the Bishop of Florence Had to Get Married, Possessed by the Spirit: Devout Women, Demoniacs, and the Apostolic Life in the Thirteenth Century, The Cross and the Cura monialium: Robert of Arbrissel, John the Evangelist, and the Pastoral Care of Women in the Age of Reform, Tracing the Origins of the Rosary: German Vernacular Texts, Writing Religious Rules as an Interactive Process: Dominican Penitent Women and the Making of Their Regula, The Art of Reform in a Bavarian Nunnery around 1000, Voices from a Distant Land: Fragments of a Twelfth-Century Nuns' Letter Collection, Salvus of Albelda and Frontier Monasticism in Tenth-Century Navarre, History, Historicism and the Social Logic of the Text, Making up Lost Time: Writing on the Writing of History, Mary Magdalen in the Old English Martyrology: The Earliest Extant 'Narrat Josephus' Variant of Her Legend, The Mission of Augustine of Canterbury to the English., Conversion, Conversi and the Christian Life in Late Medieval Tuscany., An unpublished privilege of Innocent III in favor of Montivilliers: New documentation for a great Norman nunnery, The Liber Memorialis of Remiremont, The Liturgical Day in Ancrene Riwle., Land Acquisition and the Use of Mortgage Contract by the Cistercians of Berdoues, Church property on the European Continent, 701-1200, English Cistercian Nuns in Lincolnshire