Wood, Diana. Christianity and Judaism: papers read at the 1991 Summer Meeting and the 1992 Winter Meeting of the Ecclesiastical History Society (Cambridge, Mass., USA : Blackwell Publishers, 1992).

Christianity and Judaism: papers read at the 1991 Summer Meeting and the 1992 Winter Meeting of the Ecclesiastical History Society
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Wood, Diana
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Ecclesiastical History Society (corporate authors)
Blackwell Publishers
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Secondary Source
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Cambridge, Mass., USA
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Table of Contents: Origen on the Jews by John A. McGuckin Jews and Christians in the Byzantine Empire : problems and prospects by N.R.M. de Lange Anti-semitism and the birth of Europe by R.I. Moore Jewish carnality in twelfth-century Renaissance thought by Anna Sapir Aulafia The faith of Christians and hostility to Jews by Gavin I. Langmuir Jews and Christians in the Gregorian decretals by John A. Watt William of Auvergne and the Jews by Lesley Smith Jews, Poitevins, and the Bishop of Winchester, 1231-1234 by Nicholas C. Vincent Monastic charity for Jewish converts : the Requisition of Corrodies by Henry III by Joan Greatex The role of Jewish women in medieval England (Presidential address) by Barrie Dobson Desecration of the host: the birth of an accusation by Miri Rubin Views of Jews from Paris around 1300: Christian or 'scientific'? by Peter Biller Reflections on the Jewry Oath in the Middle Ages by Joseph Ziegler Why the Spanish Inquisition? by John Edwards The good of the church, the good of the state: the Popes and Jewish money by Kenneth R. Stow Catholic anti-Judaism in Reformation Germany: the case of Johann Eck by David Bagchi The Jews in sixteenth-century homilies by Vincenette d'Uzer The Jew that Shakespeare drew by Brett Usher Conceptions of Judaism as a religion in the seventeenth-century Dutch Republic by Peter van Rooden 'A different mode of civility': Lancelot Addison on the Jews of Barbary by Elliott Horowitz The phenomenon of Philo-semitism by David S. Katz Alexander's apostasy: first steps to Jerusalem by Brian Taylor Adventists discover the seventh-day sabbath: how to deal with the 'Jewish problem' by Keith A. Francis Popery, rabbinism, and reform: evangelicals and Jews in early Victorian England by David Feldman The bishops and the Jews, 1828-1858 by Frances Knight 'In a peculiar relation to Christianity': Anglican attitudes to Judaism in the era of political emancipation, 1830-1858 by Sean Gill The faces of Janus: free-thinkers, Jews, and Christianity in nineteenth-century Britain by Edward Royle Organs and organ music in Victorian synagogues: Christian intrusions or symbols of cultural assimilation? by Walter Hillsman In the shadow of the millenium: American fundamentalists and the Jewish people by Yaakov Ariel James Parker, the Jews, and conversionism: a model for multicultural Britain? by Tony Kushner The Roman Catholic Church and genocide in Croatia, 1941-1945 by Jonathan Steinberg Jewish and Christian concepts of time and modern anti-Judaism: ousting the god of time by Margaret F. Brearley