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Title Primary Author Additional Authors Publication Type Languagesort descending Regions
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Documentazione ritiana antica edition of text (pub. primary source)
Corpus scriptorum christianorum orientalium. Subsidia. series
The Journal of English and Germanic philology journal
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Registra Episcopi Johannes Peckham Peckham
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Collectanea Franciscana journal
Pantheon journal
Senses and Society journal
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Biblioteca de autores cristianos series
[No Title]
Early charters of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, London Gibbs, Marion edition of text (pub. primary source)
Calendar of the patent and close rolls of chancery in Ireland. Morrin, James series
Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal
Studies in philology journal
The Homilies of Wulfstan Wulfstan, Archbishop of York Bethurum, Dorothy (editor) edition of text (pub. primary source)
The Old English version of the enlarged rule of Chrodegang together with the Latin original An Old English version of the Capitula of Theodulf together with the Latin original. An interlinear Old English rendering of the Epitome of Benedict of Aniane. Chrodegang, Saint, Bishop of Metz Theodulf, Bishop of Orléans; Benedict of Aniane, Saint and A.S. Napier (editor) edition of text (pub. primary source)
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The Medieval Family: European and North American Research Directions
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Vivarium: An International Journal for the Philosophy and Intellectual Life of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
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Ons geestelijk erf series
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test title Głównie o fanach Legii, również trochę o innych ekipach
Calendar of State Papers: Domestic
The priestly office of women, God’s gift to a renewed Church Raming, Ida monograph
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